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NEC Arena Map.png

Neiderer Indoor

Arena Surface Area

70m x 42m

Landcorp Fibre

Arena Surface Area

Full area - 95m x 80m

Larger side A -

Smaller side B - 

Landcorp Fibre.jpg

Warm-up Arenas

Warm Up Wax.jpg

Wax warm-up (Indoor)

60m x 35m

Warm Up Sand.jpg

Crusher Dust warm-up (Sand)

88m x 85m

Cambridge Sand

Treadlite Arena

Treadlite Arena.jpg
Cambridge Sand.jpeg

Arena Surface Area

60m x 20m Dressage Arena

Arena Surface Area

90m x 64m

Grass Arenas

Donnelly Grass_edited.jpg

Donnelly Field - Full Arena Grass

Two arenas at 75m x 59m

Back Grass.png

Back Field Grass

125m x 90m

Cross Country

A glimpse of the Cross Country Area

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